• Trip Trails will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any personal injury, sickness, loss or damages during the course of the tour.
  • Tips to driver and guide are not included in the cost of the tour and are at the discretion of the customer.
  • If a part of the tour or package is not utilized then no refund will be given for the same.
  • Do observe local traditions and customs while visiting religious places. Be appropriately dressed while visiting a temple or mosque.
  • You are required to furnish correct information about your name, age, passport and all the information required at the time of inquiry and confirmation of booking. Trip Trails will not be held responsible in any way if anything untoward happens due to the inaccuracy of your documents.
  • We request you to please furnish correct information about any of the passengers who have a disability, is pregnant or any other physical or mental condition that you should let us know. We will not be held responsible for any untoward incident or consequences during the tour in case you take any adventurous activity which is not suitable for your health.
  • Trip Trails will be not be liable for any untoward natural phenomena such as extreme rainfall, storm, etc during the course of the tour. The final decision will be of Trip Trails to go ahead with the original itinerary. Trip Trails will try its best to cover as much as possible (if time and logistics permit) to cover the itinerary that was missed because of the natural phenomena.




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